Innovative OncoSolutions Inc. provides cost effective technologies and solutions for use in cancer care providing institutions and/or sterile compounding facilities.

We strive to improve accessibility of cancer drugs to patients in need. Our solutions enhance the safety and health of patients and healthcare providers.

Cathy Bratt-Rico (BA, BSc – Honours Pharmacology/Toxicology)


Cathy is a highly motivated and innovative pharmaceutical and medical device industry leader with a track record of productive strategies that exceed expectations.

Cathy has a personal mission to expand the use of closed system drug transfer devices (CSTD’s) and to promote safe handling of hazardous drugs. Safe handling strategies reduce hazardous drug contamination and reduce associated health risks for people working in areas where these drugs are prepared and administered. In addition, Cathy is passionate about ensuring access to optimal pharmaceutical products for those most in need of these medicines. Her specialty niche is with oncology medications.